Shahrukh sheikh studio is owned by Mr Shahrukh sheikh, Sheikh had a huge interest in clothing and design during the Corona pandemic when everything started to fall apart and Sheikh got buried under his responsibilities and crisis he thought of doing something which can help him a little during the rough days, as he had no investment to invest in any kind of business he thought of an idea to showcase his own Kurtas which he made for himself. With the blessing of Allah mighty he got few orders and then he got determined to make a huge brand which is now known as Shahrukh Sheikh Studio 


                                    Our mission and goal is to provide our customers with the most finest quality fabric in a very affordable price. In our small business we have departments to look after every process of our manufacturing from the booking of an order till the delivery, we have a team of our professional and highly experienced tailors which look after every single details related to stitching that’s why he have perfect fitting, after getting stitched product goes under quality insurance department which insurance that the product is fine and ready to deliver if they see a single spot or uneven thread they reject the product and ask for reproduction, then the product goes under packing and gets delivered at your door step in it’s best look. 

Team Shahrukh Sheikh works with passion and love our team requests our customers to show support as we work hard to deliver the best product to you.